Full time employment

Prove success on the job before you hire.

As a client of QA, our experienced permanent consultants will save you time and money, ensure you find the right people for the right job.

Consider the number of hours you could invest into advertisement, filtering, conducting interview in recruiting an employee for your business and the distraction it can cause to your core business. QA can save you time without cutting corners. We match candidates with your business needs and culture to encourage retention.


We know your industry well, We have the resources and We tailor to your business needs

Contract Administration

QA manages and administers projects on behalf of companies that require personnel for short-term contracts of 6 months to a 2 year contract term.

We cater to companies involved in major projects and organizations that may be facing increased workload or headcount. We assist such clients by recruiting staff for the project and overseeing the administrative and HR requirements throughout the agreed term.

Significant timesavings for clients
Removing all administrative tasks in relation to contractor requirements. QA will ensure prompt and accurate completion of all timesheet processing, allowing the client to focus more on their business

Completion of all candidate tax requirements 
To ensure nil disruption to client operations and administrative staff workloads;

Cashflow management 
Clients can make one monthly payment with 30-day payment terms for all current contractors , rather than many individual contractor payments. QA’ strong financial position ensures prompt payment to candidates, removing any concerns of non-payment and inevitable disruption to the services provided to our clients.

Part time or temporary

QA manage short term engagement from half day up to 6 months depending to your business needs. QA uses hourly rates for part time and temporary jobs as:

  • It is more cost-effective as you only pay for what you use (i.e. the number of hours put in by the contractor).
  • Its straight forward engagement and hassle free as you do not need to take care of the human resource segment of the temporary contractor
  • You only engage when you have the need
  • Provides flexibility in job engagement
  • Save on training, we are here to provide you contractors that are ready for the job.
  • Useful for short term and mid term period such as staff turnover, maternity leave, medical leave stand in
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