Congratulations on your new mile stone. However, this may be one of the moments of dilemma on the options you have:

  • Should I pursue a diploma/Higher Nitec?
  • Should I start my career now?
  • Do I want to gain some experience first?
  • Should I go for a advanced diploma?
  • What discipline do I like?
  • Can I try out some disciplines before deciding on specialization?
  • Can I gain some working experience while I’m pursuing my studies?

Sometimes, decisions make people anxious. But QA is here to help you.


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Here are some FAQs which you may be interested in:


General Questions:


star-xxl  I am currently bonded, why is there a need to be registered with your agency?

Ans: After a few years of serving bond, doing bed side nursing and restructured work, you may wish to explore other career options. We will be glad to share more career options with you, so you can start gaining the right kind of experience to open up the right kind of career opportunities in years to come. For example: Medical Travel Nurse, if you enjoy travelling and meeting new people: usually needs Emergency Department experience, so you have to start gaining the experience early.


Overseas Job Placements: We are able to share with you what are some of the disciplines that you can specialized in to get job opportunities overseas.

We are just a career platform that you can tapped on for FREE.

star-xxl  Do I have to pay any registration fees?

Ans: No, our agency do not collect any registration fees from our candidates. All you have to do is to come by for a short interview.


star-xxl  Why do i need to attend an interview with the agency?

Ans: This is to understand your preference, get to know you better and also to do a simple verification on your educational certificate and transcripts. We can also offer career advise on the disciplines to specialize in, and your career path.


star-xxl  Do i still need to attend an interview with the hospital ?

Ans: Yes, we will send your resume to the department. Once you are shortlisted for an interview, you will attend an interview with the hospital directly.


star-xxl  How do I register with your agency?

Ans: All you need to do is to call us @ 6337 7449 to book an appointment with us.


star-xxl  Can I still look for jobs on my own after registering with you?

Ans: Yes, you may continue your job search on your own. We are just your additional job resources, so tap on our employment network today.



For Full-time jobs:

star-xxl  Why should I go through QA instead of applying directly to the hospital?

Ans: As we liaise with the HR personnel of different disciplines directly, by going through our agency, we are able to send your application directly to your preferred opening (i.e. ward/clinic setting, discipline). And that in turn saves you time, going through the general recruitment email and the standard screenings.


star-xxl  I’ve found a job, how do I cancel your services?

Ans: There is no obligations to engage our service. Just give us a  call and inform us and we will stop your job search.


star-xxl  Do i need to pay any fees if i get a full time job from your agency?

Ans: We do not charge any fees for the job referral for Singaporean and Permanent Residence.*


For Part-time Assignment:

star-xxl  Do i get to chose my own assignment?

Ans: Yes, of course. Our consultants will provide you with ample information of the available assignments. From there you may decide on your preferred assignment.


star-xxl  I am going to pursue my degree, am i eligible to do part time assignments. 

Ans: Yes, as long as you are registered with Singapore nursing board to practice as a nurse. We can assign you to work based on your availability.


star-xxl  Is there any CPF contributions?

Ans: No there is no CPF contributions.


star-xxl  Do I need to purchase the nursing uniform for all assignments?

Ans: Not all assignments require you to purchase the nursing uniform, only assignments in restructured hospitals require you to be in QA uniform.


star-xxl  How long do i need to commit for agency assignments?

Ans: It depends on the duration of the assignment. We have adhoc assignments as well as long term assignments. Thus we will cater suitable assignments based on your availability.

*Terms and conditions apply


Advanced Diploma Graduates:

star-xxl  I am currently bonded, why is there a need to be registered with your agency?

Ans: Two years will soon be over, as soon you are done serving your bond and you will be free to explore more career opportunities. We have many exciting opportunities line up for you, please feel free to contact us for career advise.

star-xxl  I am most likely going to stay with my current job and have no intention to leave, but i wouldn’t mind to earn some extra income? How do we go about?

Ans: You can come by to get registered with our agency, and update us on your availability and we can work around it and give you assignments accordingly.

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