How much is the salary?

Salary depends on a few factors: your past working experience, if you have relevant working experience and your last drawn salary.

Do I need to pay any registration fees?

No fees required upon registration. Candidates will just be needed to make an appointment for interview.

How do I register with your agency?

All you need to do is to call us @ 6337 7449 for booking of appointments.

Do you accept walk-in interviews?

Yes. However, priority will be given to candidates who had made an appointment. In order to avoid long waiting time, we highly encourage candidates to call us @ 6337 7449 for booking of appointments.

How do i apply for job listed on your website?

You can do a quick registration by clicking on Apply now, once you get your user ID and password, you can click on the quick apply tab for all the positions that you are interested in.

I’ve found a job, how do I cancel your services?

Kindly call us @ 6337 7449 and inform your respective consultant and we will stop your job search.

Can I know the name of the companies which have current vacant positions?

Our consultants will send your resume accordingly to your preference. That’s why it is important for a face to face interview so that we know your preference and can do a comprehensive career evaluation for you.  Be rest assured that more details of the company will only be reveal before the interview so that you can be prepare yourself well for the interview.

What do I have to bring along for the interview?

NRIC and your highest educational certificates. For nurses, please bring along your  SNB Card, BCLS (if Valid).

I'm registered with your company a few years back, and I'm keen to look for a job now. Do I need to register with you again?

All it takes is just for you to contact us as we already have your details. Just send us a copy of your latest resume and we will help you with the rest of the job search.  Feel free to contact our friendly consultants @ 6337 7449 to update us on your updated resume.

Can I look for jobs on my own after registering with you ?

Of course! You may continue your job search on your own. We are just your additional job resources, so tap on our employment network today. Please contact our friendly consultants @ 6337 7449 if you managed to get a job, so we can stop your job search.

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