Full time opportunities to fulfill your career

  • Call Us

    Interested or looking for any full time jobs that we have to offer? Just pick up the phone and give us a call

  • Meeting of candidate

    Our friendly consultants are on hand to assist you with your employment needs. All you need to do is to come on down for a short meet-up/interview

  • Area of Interest

    Through the interview process, we will bring you through a series of questions to find out what job position that suits you best

  • Search

    Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you get the job satisfaction you need. This to ensure that you enjoy a long and fruitful career

5 Step Interview Process

  • Meeting of Candidates

    Candidates are first arranged for an interview with our consultants

  • Employment History

    A quick check and evaluation of the candidate’s employment history

  • Work Preference

    Our consultants take pride in understanding every candidate’s work preference

  • Expected Salary

    We will ensure that candidate’s expectations are well managed and realistic

  • Job search and advise

    Based on the job preference, specialization and experience, we will assist you in your job search and provide career advise if necessary

Part - time assignments for flexibility purposes

  • Call us

    Interested in looking for short/long term agency assignments? A simple registration process awaits you

  • Meeting with candidate

    Here, we would go about to have a short meetup with you.

  • Availability

    Assignments vary according to your availability. We would advise you accordingly on the type of assignments for you

  • Assignments

    After completing the registration process with us, we would inform you accordingly on any available assignments. So stay tuned!

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