Refer a Nurse

Promotion Period: 1st – 30th November 2015

Redemption Date: 1st March 2016 – 31st March 2016


Requirement of referrer

  • Referrer has to provide his/her Name, NRIC, Contact no. upon referring


Requirement of  referred candidate

  • Registered with SNB (Valid license of current year)
  • Suspended license with SNB will not be considered
  • NOT registered with QA
For FULL-TIME Position For PART-TIME Position

·  Singaporeans /PRs / Spass Holder/ Epass Holder·  ONLY Full pledge/conditional license (provisional license will not be considered)

·  CURRENTLY looking for a FULL TIME job (able to serve 1-2 months notice with immediate)

·  MIN 6 months of nursing experience (excluding experience during school attachment)

·  Referred candidate must attend at least one job interview arranged by QA after registration.

· Singaporeans /PRs· ONLY FULL pledge license (conditional / provisional license will not be considered)

· With valid BCLS

· NOT holding a full-time job or NOT bonded with any hospital

· Referred candidate must take up a hospital/private clinic assignment within 14 days after registration.

· Referred candidate must take up either a hospital or clinic based assignment to be qualified as a successful referral. Home Based Nursing assignment do not qualify for the entry.

· Minimum commitment period: 14 days of work per month at the same organization

Terms & Conditions (Participation)

  • Candidates who had sent in job applications to our Agency directly or through modes like Job portals, our official website, call-in are not considered as a referral. However, the modes of application is not limited to only the above mentioned.
  • To avoid double referral, referred candidate is highly advisable to ONLY provide their information to ONE referrer. If double referral occurs, only ONE referrer whose name is given by the referred candidate is entitle to the reward.
  • Referred candidate has to register with Agency within 14 Days from the date of contact (Step 4 in Participation Details process)

Terms & Conditions (Rewards)

  • Referrer will be notified by the agency on redemption of rewards by 1st March 2016
  • Referrer has to redeem his/her reward PERSONALLY between 1st – 31st March 2016
  • If referrer is unable to come by personally, he/she may authorize a third party to redeem the reward on his/her behalf. The agency has to be notified. The authorized personnel has to provide the agency with a authorization letter. (details include both referral and authorized personnel’s full name, IC, contact no. and signature)
  • Reward is strictly non-exchangeable for other rewards or cash
  • The Agency reserves the right to make amendment to the terms and conditions at any time in its sole discretion.
  • The Agency reserves the rights to determine the validity of the referral.  Decisions made by the Agency is final.

Reward Scheme Table

No of Referrals Rewards
ONE(1) Referral $10 Shopping Voucher
TWO(2) Referrals $20 Shopping Vouchers
THREE(3) Referrals $30 Shopping Vouchers
FOUR(4) Referrals $40 Shopping Vouchers
FIVE(5) Referrals $50 Shopping Vouchers
SIX(6) Referrals $60 Shopping Vouchers
SEVEN(7) Referrals $70 Shopping Vouchers
EIGHT(8) Referrals $80 Shopping Vouchers
NINE(9) Referrals $90 Shopping Vouchers
TEN(10) Referrals $100 Shopping Vouchers

  • For successful full-time referrals, the referrer will be able to receive an additional $90 Shopping Vouchers (per candidate), if the referred candidate is able to stay on the job for at least 3 months. The referrer will be notified on the redemption of the additional rewards after 3 months from the commencement date.

Participation Steps

  • Call US

    Referrer calls Agency to provide Name and NRIC of referred candidate

  • Verification

    Agency will check if the referred candidate is already registered in our database

  • The Referral

    After successful verification, Send a SMS or Whatsapp to 96316631 on the format. Format: 1) Referrer Name /NRIC / Contact No 2)Referred candidate Name /NRIC / Contact No

  • Arrangement of Interview

    Agency will contact referred candidate for interview appointment. Referred candidate has to quote Referrer's name at the point of booking of appointment & during the interview

  • Congratulations!

    Referrer will be notified upon successful registration of referee via SMS/WHATSAPP

Winners from our July 2015 program

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